The Mega Hospital 

Inner city vision

Windsor's prosperity is at stake. 

Urban sprawl will ruin this city. 

Windsor must join the world 

and build a vision for the future, 

not the past.  

 Design this vision with us!

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Windsor Design Collaborative

The Best Site: The Downtown Vision 


The Windsor Design Collaborative is a group of architectural designers, urban planners and impassioned supporters from across Windsor. Their main objective is to encourage the public to use their voice in helping move forward with the future of this city. 


Combining our skills in architectural design, rendering and new 3D technologies from Silicon Valley, our design collaboration promises to empower Windsorites by giving them the tools to design their city by democratizing the architectural design process. Giving Winsorites the freedom and know-how to weigh-in on its most pressing civic issues, like the highly controversial Mega Hospital. 


Windsor has much to lose with the consequences of urban sprawl that will gut businesses from our downtown core, the historic Sandwich district, and what's left of Ottawa street, a street full of small businesses bustling with personality and charm.  While cities around the world are building their cores, The City of Windsor is moving backwards, praying for the promise of endless development and expansion into nowhere, creating isolated communities that are only accessible by cars, with an inadequate transit service that takes hours to get anywhere. 


But why should we care? What is the future for our next generation of windsorites but to leave this great city for other opportunities? A bleak future awaits if action isn’t taken.


All everyone wants is for Windsor to become the city we are proud to call home, but our group, and the general public, have been left out of the design process for too long. 


Not anymore! The Windsor Design Collaborative is opening the doors of architectural design to the public, releasing new tools everyone can download and engage with to create a vision of the city together. The city’s closed-door policy and controlled public presentations will be met with open collaboration and the democratization of the design process. 


Today, we invite the citizens of Windsor to take control of the Windsor Mega Hospital and download the design files. It's your tax dollars, your voice and your opportunity to have your say. Join us, this is just the beginning. 

*Right click desktop icon and click run as administrator

Tell Doug Ford and the City of Windsor what you want from the Mega Hospital

Join us!