Windsor Design Collaborative


This is it!

This is the last opportunity for Windsor-Essex to drive its future in the 

right direction. The region has great potential, and with the right vision 

for the future hospital, it can achieve that potential.


Our goal is to empower the community to create realistic yet visionary

alternatives to the current plan that better meet the economic, social,

and environmental imperatives of the 21st century.



Our mission is to use creative platforms to bring the Windsor-Essex community together in designing the future of the region. In doing so, we will demonstrate a better way to design the built environment, fueled by the talent and imagination of our great region.




Our vision for Windsor-Essex is to be a region that can meet the social, economic, and environmental challenges of the 21st century through participatory design.



  • Participatory democracy

  • Equitable & sustainable development

  • Innovation (& disruption)

  • Data-driven decision-making


Join us!